the Nemec family

We are a family of three theoretical, mathematical and computational physicists, sharing a passion for software engineering, software architecture and programming languages.

We love living in Munich with its nearby mountains for hiking and beautiful nature to explore by bike. Back in the city, we find exercise in ballroom dancing and all kinds of fitness activities.

Family Life

We are proud of our family breakfast tradition. No better way to start the day than Norbert's famous pancakes, our beloved waffles or a German style Semmelfrühstück. 

We enjoy vivid discussions about anything of interest, be it science or technology or anything else.

Highlights in Pictures 

Fürth Bavaria, Germany
Fürth Bavaria, Germany

Here, we both grew up without being aware that our paths would cross years later.

Vieanna, Austria Opera House
Vienna, Austria

Living in Vienna is fantastic, especially if you love the ballet and the opera.

Vienna, Austria
September 1999

Paul was born in what certainly is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Vienna, Austria
April 2010

The best place to unwind in the midst of the city -- the Danube Island.

Danube Island Vienna
Regensburg Bavaria
2001 - 2007

Living right in the romantic center of this medieval city was an excellent home base for strolling through the narrow streets, having brunch at the Orphee, exploring the medieval festival and enjoying student and family life in general.

PhD defence, Regensburg
PhD defense, Regensburg
July 27th, 2007

Norbert defended his PhD thesis on "Quantum transport in carbon-based nanostructures" at the University of Regensburg.

Civil wedding, Regensburg
August 10th, 2006

Our civil wedding in the small elector's room in Regensburg's old town hall.

Kleines Kurfürstenzimmer im alten Rathaus, Regensburg
Wedding, Fürth
September 9th, 2006

The glamorous wedding celebration in Veitsbronn is still remembered by friends and family for the do-it-yourself LEGO decoration.

Wedding, Fürth

A leisurely afternoon with a great piece of cake...  

Cambridge, UK

Experiencing the international spirit embedded in the lovely British culture has shaped us as a family to this day.

The Orchard, Grandchester
June 2008

Tea with fresh Scones are the crown jewels of English culture, best enjoyed in our favourite tea garden in walking distance from Cambridge.

Milton Country Park
Summer 2009

Discovering the outskirts of Cambridge by bike.

Botanic Garden, Cambridge
Spring 2010

Watching the seasons right in the center of Cambridge.


Five years in Berlin entailed major steps in the academic and professional lives for each of us.


One of many family excursions, enjoying life in and around Berlin.

Sony Center, Berlin

Our favorite movie theater for English language lovers.

Botanic Garden, Berlin

The botanic garden right next door, a regular destination for Sunday strolls

since 2015

Munich is a cosmopolitan metropolis in the heart of Bavaria with a small-town feel. There are great museums, a fabulous ballet company and the beautiful Alps in the south.

Paul Graduation, Munich

Paul graduated from the Munich International School with an International Bachelor's degree.

Luisengrün, Munich

For more than two years we have been watching our new home in the making. In the fall of 2020, we finally moved into our beautiful new home.

The Alps

There is hardly anything better than spending a sunny weekend hiking in the Alps.

Hiking and Cycling Tours