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Head Data Scientist

Dr. Lydia Nemec

I am a Head Data Scientist with a background in computational physics. In my role as Head of AI Accelerator, I believe in combining my background in physics, numerics and machine learning. In my position, I aim to bridge the way from basic research to marketable products. I enjoy working on the foundations of tomorrow's technologies by applying my strong analytic skills and expertise in quantitative analysis to create real value through innovative solutions.


Dr. Norbert Nemec

✓ analytical problem solver and curious researcher
✓ senior software engineer
✓ expert on programming language design and compiler technology
✓ accomplished computational physicist
✓ system architect embedded Linux, mobile and online
✓ manager and leader for agile development in heterogenous software projects

Physics Student

BSc. Paul Nemec

I am a physics student moving toward mathematical and computational physics.

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